Student Survey

Find your Best Fit College or University with our unique personality type and affordability match process.

Personality Survey:

Every student and every college has a unique personality. When the two are in sync, the college experience is more likely to be engaging and rewarding.  The survey we offer is a psychology-based assessment that matches a student’s personality and learning style to appropriate college matches.

College Affordability Survey:

This survey helps student and families find the colleges that best match their financial profile.  By completing this survey, you will see where you stand in regards to Federal and Institutional Aid Qualification.  With this information we can guide you toward appropriate colleges, scholarships, merit aid and all-around best fit schools.

Use this link to access your unique Personality Survey and College Affordability Survey.

For information on how to acquire a personalized account, please contact us at:

610-670-7441 or

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