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Gap-Year “eye-openers” for a variety of parents

By Mark Greenstein, Founder and Lead Instructor – Ivy Bound / Rising Stars Gap year = fulfillment and success. Not a “13th floor”, but a foundation. Another anxious parent expressed to me a personal desire to see his son do … Continue reading

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Torn between a rural, suburban or urban campus setting? Consider College of Charleston

Many students from the suburbs and rural areas think they would like to go to a college in a city, but when they actually visit an urban university, cannot imagine themselves living amidst the noise, crowds, security issues, and overall … Continue reading

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A Solution to Procrastination

Does your child have trouble getting started on homework, projects or assignments?  He or she may be lacking the tools and organizational skills needed to accomplish these tasks.  The time you put in now to teach your child important time-management … Continue reading

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A Parent’s Guide To Happiness

Allow Consequences To Teach:  NO:  “She forgot her lunch money; I’ll just drop it at the school office.” “He is going to miss the deadline, unless I take care of it.” Most teens learn form a subtle form of trial … Continue reading

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Parents are THE role models

  “Children have never been good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them.”    James Baldwin I hear parents complaining all the time that their teen-aged children don’t listen to them.  Having raised two … Continue reading

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Multitasking Tips for Parents

Wouldn’t it be great to spend quality time with your children, get some help around the house AND help your child with basic math concepts all at the same time? Below are some suggestions for engaging your child in basic … Continue reading

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    When did it all begin? When did parents stop parenting? When did it become more important to be your child’s cool friend than to be his guide, his mentor, his beacon through the fog of these formative years?     Beginning with parents born in … Continue reading

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