The Value of attending a Liberal Arts and Personal “Best-Fit” School – Bucknell University

bucknell2I am one of the extremely fortunate people who can say with 100% confidence that I attended my “best-fit” school.  I knew from the moment I stepped on the Bucknell campus Freshman year, that this was the place for me.  I was comfortable from my first to my last day on campus. The small classes and constant interaction with faculty were inspiring and energizing.  I felt that everyone there really cared about bringing out my best.  There was no way to fall through the cracks at Bucknell.   I met my husband at Bucknell and we have a large network of friends from Bucknell.  This experience is what drives me to help the students I work with find their “best-fit” school.
I attended Bucknell’s We Do Tour in Philadelphia last weekend.  Spending the day amongst fellow alumni, current and past university presidents, faculty and selected members of the Class of 2013, filled me with fond memories and left me craving the positive energy a college campus offers.
Below are e a few of the many exciting initiatives going on at Bucknell today:
  • The Creative Campus Initiative
  • The Global Learning Institute Initiative
  • The Human Health Initiative
  • The Management Education Initiative
  • The Residential Learning Initiative
  • The Sustainability Initiative
All presenters at the We Do event (the university president, a former university president, students, faculty, current parents, and alumni) shared a sense of purpose and commitment to their students, peers, community and passions.  We heard from faculty and students who:
Bucknell students are directly helping their community and making discoveries while learning.  They are clearly inspired, and given the opportunity to use their unique talents to make a difference in the world, with real-world experiences.
The We Do event reinforced the value of attending a “best-fit” school – to explore new opportunities and follow passions.  It also reinforced the value of a liberal arts education, an education that prepares us to think, grow, change, develop and thrive in our ever changing world – a pace of change that is creatively documented in this video Did you know?/ Shift happens 
Sandy Aprahamian, Assistant Director Informed Educational Solutions
Liberal Education and America’s Promise, Association of American Colleges and Universities
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