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Digital Media and Youth – Link Access to Output

I don’t know anyone who isn’t very concerned about the impact of the obsession with digital media and devices among all of us— and especially among youth, whose characters, habits, and even IQs are not yet fully formed.  We can’t … Continue reading

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We Can’t Afford An Educational Consultant. The Cost of our Children’s Education is Already High.

  There is a familiar bumper sticker that reads: THINK EDUCATION IS EXPENSIVE? TRY IGNORANCE. We all realize that the cost of educating our children seems to be growing every year. Yet many of us are reluctant to apply the … Continue reading

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When is it time to begin planning for your child’s educational path?

Many people assume that a child’s educational direction is somehow managed within the system itself. In truth, as students pass from teacher to teacher, from school to school, there is often very little management involved, beyond the delivery of curriculum. … Continue reading

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