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Parents Need NOT Worry About Gap Years

No one knows how many, but probably thousands of high school seniors raise the question of taking a year, before college, to do something else: travel, volunteer, explore. For many parents this instills fear. “Oh honey,” they implore, “that sounds … Continue reading

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Strong Students Need Not Be Intimidated By Low Admission Percentages

As students, parents, and guidance counselors watch acceptance percentages drop each year at the very most selective US colleges and universities (last year, Stanford and Harvard were below 6% admitted, Princeton , Yale and Penn were hovering below 8%, etc.), … Continue reading

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Grade Inflation at Leading US Colleges and Universities

Princeton University threw down the gauntlet a decade ago.  Grade inflation was seen as a serious problem, and the University imposed a deflation policy which stated that in each and every class on campus, less than 35% could receive an … Continue reading

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Teach Your Children Well

 Are we loving our children to death? In our fervor to equip them for an ever more competitive world and to acquaint them with as many sport and arts experiences as their schedules allow, are we, in fact, squelching their … Continue reading

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