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Grade Inflation at Leading US Colleges and Universities

Princeton University threw down the gauntlet a decade ago.  Grade inflation was seen as a serious problem, and the University imposed a deflation policy which stated that in each and every class on campus, less than 35% could receive an … Continue reading

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From the NACAC Study: What is NO LONGER Important in College Admission

In 1993, 42% of colleges reported that class rank was of “considerable importance” in admissions.  In 2011, only 19% of colleges consider class rank of considerable importance.  What has changed?  Many schools no longer rank at all, not wanting to … Continue reading

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In their unenviable task of sorting out the best from the best, America’s selective schools and colleges are challenged to find special reasons to admit one over another fine candidate. With grade inflation and most writers’ tendency to avoid lawsuits, … Continue reading

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