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Getting Started

GETTING STARTED: A Pre-College Plan for Junior High Families In simplest terms, the value of education is at least threefold: the acquisition of knowledge; the access it provides to higher levels of the socio-economic spectrum; and the cash value of … Continue reading

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    The business of getting into boarding school or getting into college poses philosophical and other questions that need to be addressed by every applicant in one way or another. I have to be me. No one can tell me how … Continue reading

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Teach Your Children Well

 Are we loving our children to death? In our fervor to equip them for an ever more competitive world and to acquaint them with as many sport and arts experiences as their schedules allow, are we, in fact, squelching their … Continue reading

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Peer Power

   Parents like to believe that the advice and counsel they provide their children, from cradle to adulthood, will be the most important inputs those children will ever receive from the world. Overwhelming evidence, however, suggests otherwise.     While it is certainly true that … Continue reading

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