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The Most Complex Higher Education Entrance Process in the World

Virtually all of this year’s college admission decisions have been made and communicated to students. The increased variety of admissions plans (rolling, early decision, early action etc.), applications deadlines, test requirements, and the bewildering non-pattern of reply dates make our … Continue reading

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From the NACAC Study: What is NO LONGER Important in College Admission

In 1993, 42% of colleges reported that class rank was of “considerable importance” in admissions.  In 2011, only 19% of colleges consider class rank of considerable importance.  What has changed?  Many schools no longer rank at all, not wanting to … Continue reading

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What factors are most important in college admissions?

When we meet with clients, very quickly and one way or another, the question comes up: “What factors are most important in college admissions?” The current top ranked item is “grades in college preparatory courses.”  It makes sense: the leading … Continue reading

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Early Decision Trends Change

NACAC’s 2004-2011 study of trends in Early Decision show some interesting changes.  Traditional thinking was that applying ED was a significant advantage for a student who had identified a specific college as a first choice.  And it was, but that … Continue reading

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State of College Admission – Summary of NACAC Study

For the past ten years, the National Association of College Admission Counselors has been compiling data and publishing an annual report. This year’s report, just released, looks back on the past decade in college admissions and summarizes the data with … Continue reading

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