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A Pre-College Plan for Junior High Families

In simplest terms, the value of education is at least threefold: the acquisition of knowledge; the access it provides to higher levels of the socio-economic spectrum; and the cash value of higher level employment through the lifespan that statistically should result. The further one climbs up the academic ladder, the greater the potential benefit within each category.

GETTING STARTED is a pre-college program designed by a team of professional educators for families of students in junior high school who are seeking every possible advantage in the highly competitive pursuit of admission to one of America’s leading colleges or universities for a son or daughter. There are many ways to achieve that objective, but almost all involve superior achievement – in the classroom, on the sports field, and through some other demonstrated mastery.

Most college-bound students defer the process of preparing for college until it is too late to do much about it. By the eleventh grade, the student’s record is mostly written, and it is not possible to go back to join that ninth grade team or to take foreign language a year earlier than necessary. Moreover, since most schools operate with limited resources, early pre-college counseling of the type that would help is just not available. Families need to do the job on their own.

With GETTING STARTED, families now have an option that can completely alter the college admissions process. The program includes two hours of live sessions with an experienced education professional; personality and career preference testing (Meyers Briggs/Strong Interest Inventories); evaluation of courses, grades, and objective testing; a recommended reading list for every grade level; suggestions for summer engagement; and establishment of a plan going forward that will provide each student with step-by-step goals along the path toward optimized college or university entry.

Although students who complete GETTING STARTED will have all the necessary tools for navigating the college process, some families may elect to subscribe to a more extensive, full-service option provided by Informed Educational Solutions, the educational consultancy whose directors have supervised the enrollment of nearly 10,000 students from around the world in America’s independent schools, colleges and universities. A portion of the full-service program fee will be reduced for students who have completed the GETTING STARTED option first.

Now, more than ever before, getting an early start is critically important to planning a successful college admissions program. GETTING STARTED moves the focus from the eleventh grade back to junior high, where it needs to be and from where enhancements can be made in time to optimize outcomes.

Carter P. Reese                        Informed Educational Solutions

This is the second in a series of blogs written for parents of younger students, junior high age or so, who are thinking ahead about college admissions. We firmly believe that planning ahead can yield enormous benefits, and reduce anxiety about the transition from high school to college.

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