CommonApp Announces New “Rollover” Feature:


Last fall, The Common Application announced that applicant accounts created in 2015-2016 would roll over to 2016-2017. Now, we have more information to share with counselors as they begin to work with their students.

What is Account Rollover?

Account Rollover will let anyone with a Common App account maintain that account from one year to the next. It is intended to be a learning tool, not a means of completing college applications prior to senior year.

To help students take full advantage of the benefits of Account Rollover, we have created Common App Ready, a series of packaged presentations and accompanying scripts that cover every aspect of the application, from account registration through submission. Common App Ready is designed to be a powerful, flexible advising tool to be used by counselors in a way that meets their needs, on their timeline, in a manner that makes sense for their school communities. Later this spring, we will update Common App Ready to reflect any coming application changes for 2016-2017.

Who can use Account Rollover?

Anyone who has a Common App account can take advantage of Account Rollover. This resource is designed to help everyone who is a part of the college process – from students and parents to teachers and counselors – explore and understand the Common Application. On the registration page, we ask you to identify your role, but everyone has the same application experience, regardless of how they identify themselves.

How will Account Rollover work?

After the 2016-2017 Common App launches on August 1, you’ll be able to sign in using the same credentials as your 2015-2016 Common App. Upon that first sign in, we’ll ask if you would like to roll over your account from 2015-2016. If you answer yes, we’ll take you through a few quick steps to confirm the following:

* Your role (current applicant, other student, counselor, parent, etc.)

* Your current high school

* Your communication opt-in selection

* Your acceptance of our Privacy Policy

* Your previous My Colleges list

Once we have that information, we will migrate responses from your 2015-2016 account into your 2016-2017 Common App, and you’ll be ready to get started on your application.

What information will carry over from one year to the next?

We will preserve the answers you provided to any questions that appear in the six sections of the “Common App” tab: Profile, Family, Education, Testing, Activities, and Writing.

Is there any information that will not carry over?

Yes. The following information will not carry over:

* Any information you may have entered for college-specific Questions and Writing Supplements

* Your Release Authorization and FERPA selection

* Any Recommender invitations, assignments, and forms

* PDFs of Common Applications and Writing Supplements submitted the prior year

* Responses to any questions that have been removed since the prior year

* Responses to any questions that may have a different format or different response options from the prior year (For 2016-2017, this will include the Testing section given changes in score reporting. We’ll provide more information on this topic later in the spring.)

From website; posted by Sarah C. Reese, Informed Educational Solutions

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