Best Use of Your Summer!

SummerFrom Sarah C. Reese, Informed Educational Solutions

Summertime!  Dreaming of sleeping in, hanging out with friends and producing YouTube videos?  Time is precious!  Plan now to use your summer time to explore careers, build upon your extra-curricular experiences, learn new skills or have new experiences. By using the summer productively, you are giving your college admissions situation a big boost. Here are some summertime ideas:

  • Take up a new form of exercise (swimming, biking, running, etc.).
  • Volunteer to help in a political campaign.
  • Take a college class.
  • Do a job shadow.
  • Explore your creative side through a class or project.
  • Take a first aid class.
  • Volunteer at a children’s summer camp.
  • Take a class at the local arts center or theater group.
  • Volunteer to coach or be an assistant coach for a sport.
  • Do an internship.
  • Take a study skills class.
  • Take a speed reading class.
  • Learn how to take notes.
  • Take a computer skills or keyboarding class.
  • Do a summer exchange program.
  • Start a business.
  • Participate in a simulation program like Mock Trial or Model United Nations.
  • Do a language immersion program.
  • Do a trek.
  • Teach a new skill to children or senior citizens.
  • Organize a family reunion.
  • Volunteer at a community event.
  • Write articles for your local newspaper.
  • Volunteer for the city or other parks in your community.
  • Write a family history.
  • Create and publish a photo book.
  • Organize and create a mural in your community.
  • Organize a local youth event.
  • Write and produce a video to support local conservation.
  • Start a blog on a topic you care about.
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