Apps to Improve Student Performance

lawDo you dream of spending less time studying and still getting great grades? Turn your phone or device into a study machine. With finals just around the corner, now is the time to learn how to use some of these great resources.  You may find a favorite that you’ll continue to use in college!

 Here are some killer apps to use to be a better student!

  1. Evernote: place to keep and record notes (desktop, online and mobile app)
  2. Trello: create and track projects (online and mobile app)
  3. Cornell Notes: study faster and easier (iOS app)
  4. Dropbox:  create and access files from any device (desktop, online and mobile app)
  5. Khan Academy: lots of subjects covered in a way you can relate to (online)
  6. GoConqr:  create mind maps for projects, make flash cards, create your own quizzes, (online and mobile app)
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