Why Students Really Should Take The PSAT

PSATPublic high schools across the country offer the PSAT to juniors during October.  Many independent school students are able to take the PSAT both in the sophomore and junior years, an advantage to those students in many ways.  IES urges concerned parents of public school students request the PSAT for their tenth grade children of their guidance offices well in advance.


  1.  The PSAT automatically qualifies junior test-takers for the National Merit Scholarship program, so a practice year can only help.
  2. The PSAT provides the student a first exposure to what the SAT will be like, and will provide clear information on questions answered right/wrong, and areas to work on to improve for the SAT.
  3. Students do not normally pay to take the PSAT.

In 2015, most students took the PSAT on October 15, and will get their scores back at school normally in the first week of December from their guidance counselor.

Remember that this year’s juniors took the new version of the PSAT.  If they want to take the old SAT, January 2016 is the last time to do so. Beginning in March, the new SAT will be the version administered. (Students taking the March SAT can expect that their scores may take up to 2 months to get back to them.)

Sarah C. Reese, Informed Educational Solutions

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