CollegeScorecard Provides Important Information For Financial Aid Applicants

collegeWith a few clicks, students and their parents can now access targeted information about colleges:  the college’s average financial aid package, percentage of students who graduate in six years, and the post graduation, ten-year average salary of graduates who received financial aid.

In other words:  How generous is the college with aid? (How much loan must I take?) How effectively is the college in supporting students through to graduation? And, what is the career income outcome?

The government initially planned to rank colleges in terms of these statistics, which would have clearly identified colleges whose aid packages may leave students with large debt loads, and have indicated colleges with high dropout rates and poor salary outcomes. Pushback came from the colleges, and the result is this website, which provides clear and important baseline statistics. Families can see for themselves where the best value is, and establish priorities based on this data. I recommend that all families spend time on this website.

Sarah C. Reese, Informed Educational Solutions

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