Where Young College Grads Are Heading?

usaBoston, New York, San Francisco are traditional meccas for recent college graduates in the USA, but now other cities are attracting young young alumni seeking jobs in a variety of fields.

Denver, San Diego, Nashville, Salt Lake City and Portland, OR are now attracting a larger number of college graduates, according to “Where Young College Graduates Are Choosing To Live” (by Claire Cain Miller, 10/20/14 New York Times).  Not only are these young adults choosing other cities besides the traditional magnet locations, but they are moving in the center core of these cities, not choosing to opt for the suburbs, even in down-on-their-heels cities likes Detroit and Buffalo. Atlanta and Charlotte, conversely, have not been attracting as many graduates as in the recent past.

Recent college graduates remain mobile, and typically do not settle down in one location until their mid-30’s. Cities that attract these young, skilled workers set themselves on a strong economic path. Statistics show that for each college graduate who takes a job in an innovative industry, five additional jobs are eventually created in that city, at all skill levels.

Since 2000, 25% more college graduates are living in cities. Denver is especially popular, with an increase by 47% of young graduates, just behind Washington DC, San Francisco, and Boston. Just behind Denver is Baltimore, San Diego, Pittsburgh, Salt Lake City, and Portland, OR.

Sarah C. Reese,  Informed Educational Solutions

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