Students Seeking Financial Aid Should Look Beyond The Sticker Price


To The Editor, The Reading Eagle:


An interesting counterpoint to Gail Marks-Jarvis’ article “Families Say ‘No’ to Expensive Colleges” is that for families with demonstrated financial need, many so-called “expensive colleges” can still be affordable.


For example, while Amherst College, MA has a published price of $60,400 for tuition, room and board, it is also among the most aggressive selective colleges at recruiting economically disadvantaged students.


“Since 2000, in fact, financial aid has kept pace, almost dollar for dollar, with the list price… the average price that Amherst students pay is virtually unchanged—up 1 %, in inflation-adjusted terms, to $32,400 this year—over the last 14 years. On average, Amherst isn’t significantly more expensive than it was in 2000, “ from The New York Times, “Misunderstood Tuition” An Elite-College Case Study,” by David Leonhardt 8/5/14.


While Amherst is, in reality, more expensive than it used to be for families paying the full price, but it is actually less expensive for families who are not. As it does not require students to take out loans, Amherst can actually cost nothing for students with full demonstrated need.


Sarah C. Reese

Informed Educational Solutions

Sinking Spring, PA






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