Now That You’re In, Time To Say Thank You

The dust is settling on your admission news, and you are about to settle on your final choice of college for the next four years.main  Congratulations! But, let’s face it, you didn’t do it alone.  What about the teachers who wrote your recommendations, and your guidance counselor who steered you through the process? And your coach, who called the college coach several times, what about her?  And let’s not forget your parents, who are your primary investors and partners in your journey.  Time to buy a box of note cards.

Email, you say?  A nice text?  No, not this time.  It’s time to refill your well, and there is nothing like a good old-fashioned hand-written thank you note to do the job.  So few hand-written letters wait in anyone’s mailboxes these days so yours will stand out. Since you are making the effort, make it a good one:  think of one or two special things that the person did for you and mention them as favors for which you are especially grateful. Your note doesn’t have to be long, but it does have to be personal,specific and genuine.

If you get in the habit of hand-written thank you notes now, you are already on the road to becoming a highly effective person. 




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