IES Visits University of Miami, FL

ImageThere are a number of exciting and unexpected things to discover at University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL. For starters, the university is not in Miami, it is in the suburb of Coral Gables, FL, 7 miles from the city of Miami.  As well, U. of Miami is not a public university, but a private university founded in 1925. 

Now that we have corrected two common misperceptions, let’s share with you some of what we learned during our tour and information session yesterday. Increasingly popular (judging from the size of our tour group!) Miami now admits 38% of candidates, a number of them from out of state. Attractive programs include business, the Frost School of Music, and marine science, among others.  The prominent football and basketball teams bring national attention.  Many majors offer a 5 year BA/MA optional component, and most programs at Miami do not require special admission requirements.  (However, the Frost School of Music, among others, requires audition.)

67% of students take part in research or internships at Miami and 28% study abroad. 75% of classes have less than 25 students.  Merit scholarships are guaranteed for four years and range from $5-$30,000. annually.

The campus is green and filled with foliage, including palm trees.  Scattered on campus are two Starbucks, a Jamba Juice, Lime, Oasis, and other food franchises, all of which accept dining dollars. There is a pharmacy on campus.  Washing machine availability can be checked online, and students receive an email when there load is done and ready to be popped into the dryer. Orange and green gliders in which students can eat, study, and just hang out are scattered throughout the campus.  Along with a lake in the center of campus is an outdoor Olympic pool with diving tower!

University of Miami super scores and offers both Early Decision and Early Action.


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