College Board Delays Launch of “New” SAT

ImageToday the College Board announced a delayed launch of their “new” SAT.  Originally scheduled for use in the 2015 SAT, the release date has been pushed back an additional year to allow for additional time for colleges, which use the scores for admission, to make the changes needed on their end (publications, training, etc), said the College Board.  Many school districts also requested that the new SAT program begin with the new PSAT/NMSQT first.   According to the new schedule, the PSAT/NMSQT will first be taken in October of 2015, with the new SAT to follow in the spring of 2016.

David Coleman stated, “Our goal is to deliver an assessment system which is focused, useful, and clear. Member input will continue to be integral to this work, and we are committed to providing you with timely communications as we develop exams that best serve higher education and students. We look forward to sharing additional information regarding the redesign of our exams in the spring.”

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2 Responses to College Board Delays Launch of “New” SAT

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  2. The delay is not surprising. David Coleman’s initial target of a spring 2015 roll out for the latest version of an ‘all new, improved’ SAT was incredibly optimistic, given the College Board’s normal timeline for developing items. Apparently, Common Core ‘architect’ Coleman found that translating his preferred ‘standards’ into sound assessments is nowhere near as easy as he first suggested. Anxiety about the upcoming revisions to the SAT and ACT will likely lead to more colleges and universities adopting test-optional admissions policies as well as more students seeking out those schools. For a complete list of schools which deemphasize ACT/SAT scores for all or many applicants, see

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