Colleges Ponder Decline In Humanities

ImageWhile student enrollments in the humanities have been declining for some time, Tamar Lewis reported in the New York Times (10/30/13), college are now taking serious notice.  In 1984, the University of Virginia had 501 English majors;  last year the university had 394.  Harvard has seen a 20% decline in enrollment in the humanities in the last decade.  And Princeton and Stanford feature incentivizing summer programs for high school students interested in the humanities.

It has always been the case that students who major in the humanities end out in other fields.  Increasingly, however, students are drifting towards STEM majors to increase their marketability post-college.  In 1970, 14% of students majored in the humanities;  it is now 7%.

Informed Educational Solutions encouraged its students whose heart belongs to the humanities to pursue that interest in college, but to consider a double major, summer internship, or other co-curricular pursuit in a market-friendly academic arena. Their humanities background can only, then, make them stronger job candidates.

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