“I’m Bored” – More Ideas to Prevent Summer Slide

bored kidsA promised, below are a few more ideas to prevent summer slide:

  1. Have your child get comfortable with online learning.
  2. Hire a tutor to teach your child, keep them on a schedule and hold them accountable for learning.
  3. Follow the grade specific suggestions below to keep your child on track for success.

Online learning suggested sites:

Kahn Academy (free): video tutorials, practice lessons, self-paced learning, math and other topics

Mavis Beacon Learn to Type: an independent online program that teaches a skill that is essential to efficiency and success in today’s world

Summer Institute for the Gifted: a provider of academic summer camps for gifted and talented students.

Bigbrainz (beta version is free):  math facts practice in a fun and interactive way

Financial Literacy (free):  have your child learn the basics of finance and budgeting

The benefits of a tutor and suggested areas of study:

When the parent is not available to monitor the student or additional support is needed, a tutor is an ideal solution.  A tutor holds the child accountable for her work and removes the nagging role from the parent.  The one-one-one time often builds the child’s academic confidence.  Schedule the tutor for at least 2 days a week and set up a study time for follow-up review each day.  Maintain routine and consistency.

Children prefer routines and need guidance and direction.  Having a flexible routine creates a calm home environment.  A relaxed brain learns best.

In connection with the online learning, consider hiring a tutor who works in person and virtually.  Your child will benefit from the one-on-one instruction and the guided experience with an online learning platform.  Online learning is becoming a staple for today’s learner.

Suggested areas of study:

  • Testing Strategies
  • Study Skills
  • Math Facts
  • Reading Strategies
  • Writing Strategies
  • Weak subjects
  • Enrichment

Recommended summer focus based upon age/grade:

All Ages:

  • Read, write and practice math consistently
  • Explore something new
  • Take an online class
  • Learn to play an instrument
  • Organize a fundraiser
  • Be an apprentice for someone whose career interests you
  • Visit museums
  • Travel
  • Learn to cook (practice meal planning, shopping and preparing meals)
  • Learn the basics of money and budgeting

Summer after 7th Grade:  Prep for high school entrance exams

Summer after 10th Grade:  Prep for SAT or ACT – become familiar with PSAT format

Summer after 11th Grade:  Finalize your college list and write the core college essays, prep for SAT or ACT if sitting for the test in the Fall of senior year

Every day: READ

Sandy Aprahamian, Assistant Director, Informed Educational Solutions

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