“I’m Bored. There is nothing to do.” – How to Prevent Summer Slide

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Every June, my husband and I create a summer studies plan for each of our children.   It helps create order in our home, allows the children to practice and learn independently at their own pace and provides the feeling of small accomplishments in working toward a goal.  Our children enjoy summer studies, secretly thank us for caring about their learning, and even look forward to the structure it provides.  It gives the children a feeling of security knowing what is expected of them each day.  It relieves them of the pressure of having to come up with their own plan to fill the entire day.  The early morning assignment schedule prevents the, “I’m bored.  There’s nothing to do.” comment that can often start a day off on the wrong foot. Our goal is to keep our children’s brains sharp and reinforce that education is a priority in our lives. We focus on balance, understanding that summer is a time for fun and relaxation too.

This article, Keep Your Child’s Brain Sharp This Summer, provides a simple and effective method to implement summer studies in your home.

In our next post we will include a list of suggested summer studies for students in middle and high school.

Sandy Aprahamian, Assistant Director, Informed Educational Solutions

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