Let’s Dispel Some Myths About Johns Hopkins University – Myth #2

English: Mergenthaler Hall, Johns Hopkins Univ...

Besides being incorrectly characterized as a “city school” by some, Hopkins is also misperceived still, by others, as a “pre-med factory.” Indeed, Hopkins boasts a strong and popular pre-med program, with thirty of its top senior majors assured of slots at the prestigious John Hopkins Medical School each year.

Equally strong programs exist in other fields. International studies, art history, English, public health, neuroscience, business, and engineering are other very prominent majors. The University prides itself on research opportunities for its undergraduates. A new major branching from the art history department is in museum management, using resources at the superb Baltimore University of Art, tucked into the southeast corner of the campus. Dual degrees in music performance are offered with the Peabody Conservatory, a campus shuttle ride away.

Smart slackers will not be comfortable at Hopkins. With 87% of their students coming from the top 10% of the class, and with a strong pre-professional bent, Hopkins students work very, very hard. A degree from this institution takes its students far.

Sarah C. Reese, Informed Educational Solutions

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