Let’s Dispel Some Myths About Johns Hopkins University – Myth #1

English: Gilman Hall, Johns Hopkins University...

Gilman Hall, Johns Hopkins University

IESolutions recently visited Johns Hopkins, located in the city of Baltimore but with a campus that would rival many of its suburban peers. Situated on the northern edge of the city, the campus is surrounded on one side with an elegant residential area, and on the Charles St./St. Paul street side with more of an urban setting and student-oriented stores like Barnes and Nobles, Chipotle, Starbucks, etc. This location offers the best of both worlds for their students.

The campus itself is a gem. Its Georgian brick buildings, connected by brick walkways, frame a series of spacious, verdant quads. With over $1 billion donated over time by alumnus Michael Bloomberg, the campus has become one at which the producers of the movie The Social Network used in 2010 as a stand-in for Harvard University. The historic steeple of venerable Gilman Hall has just been renovated and stands strong overlooking the campus.

The photos spare us a thousand words as we dispel myth #1 about Hopkins: that it is a “city school” in “gritty” Baltimore. Look again!

Sarah C. Reese, Informed Educational Solutions

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