Wishing there were a less-overwhelming way to get through the college search and application process?

 HELP-time_managementInformed Educational Solutions has added the interactive cutting-edge MyCCA college counseling software to our client offerings.  Students and parents working with an IESolutions counselor have access to the enormous data sharing and tailored analysis afforded by MyCCA.

Below is an overview of the components of this powerful software.  In future blog posts, we will highlight each feature of the software to demonstrate its use and value in the college search, planning and application process.

Among the numerous features of MyCCA are:

  • The “Find My Spark Survey”, which offers a short-form self-assessment instrument for students to find out more about who they are, how they learn, and what colleges/majors/careers may fit them best.
  • Interactive college list sharing and email/text service between student, counselor and parents to keep everyone updated and “on the same page” at all times.
  • The CSQ, Competitive Student Quotient, where students can see where their own ACT/SAT scores fall among any of hundreds of college’s applicant pools and determine their likelihood of receiving merit aid
  • The Academic Scholarship Report that list scholarship data by school
  • Hundreds of college videos that bring the campuses and programs to our students.
  • A Detailed Application Plan, updated and accessible to student parent and counselor that lists outstanding and completed items by school, date and milestone (transcript submitted, essays complete, SAT II scores submitted, recommendation letters in etc.)
  • The College Essay Organizer where students may draft their essays, consolidate the number of essays they need to write, and keep track of essay work per college
  • The College Affordability Shaper which allows parents to see a projection of their expected parent contribution based upon the FM (Federal Methodology –  FAFSA) and IM(Institutional Methodology – PROFILE) formulas

For more detail on how each feature of this program works as part of our services, see our Detailed Approach to College Admissions.

Data alone isn’t enough, but data plus highly informed counseling helps our students feel a degree of knowledgeable control over their educational fate.

Sandy Aprahamian, Assistant Director, Informed Educational Solutions

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5 Responses to Wishing there were a less-overwhelming way to get through the college search and application process?

  1. Sarah Reese says:

    Excellent post. Thanks for polishing it up. xo

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