IES Visit to Duke University

IMG_0776Students looking for a northeastern-feel university with milder weather, and who have the credentials to be thinking about the Ivies, ought to look towards Duke University in Durham, NC.

Just minutes away from a truly southern university, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Duke is its historic rival in sports, among many other things. Duke has a very different feel from “Carolina,” though. License plates on campus on a cursory census are often from New York and New Jersey, as well as from some scattered other states— many north of the Mason Dixon Line. Duke is smaller than UNC, but is situated on a spacious 8,300 acres of forested, hilly land. Bring your bike or jump on one of the many large campus buses that trawl the campus and its environs: walking wont get it done! While Chapel Hill is the quintessential college town with shops, bars, and restaurants lining Franklin Street at the front side of the campus, Duke is on the edge of Durham, a southern city with its roots in tobacco production.

Graduates students outnumber undergraduates, and a strong engineering department draws many students to Duke. The prestigious Duke Medical Center affords strong trickle down to undergrads in biochem and other life science-focused majors.

Duke offers a serious education in a spectacular setting. Spectacular collegiate gothic buildings surround vast quadrangles. It rarely snows. Sound like your kind of college?

Sarah C. Reese Executive Director, Informed Educational Solutions

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