The Westtown School

Westtown School

We recently toured The Westtown School with the Director of Admissions, Nathan Bohn. Nathan went over the many attributes of the school and gave us the opportunity to witness Westtown’s magic in action. We enjoyed a full campus walking tour where we witnessed students and faculty engaged in learning, living and dining situations. They were enthusiastic about learning, comfortable in their own skin and happy to be there. It quickly became clear that Westtown is a very special place.

The Quaker belief that there is “that of God” in every person lays the foundation for The Westtown School community. The school community encourages kindness and respect, embraces our global world, and values diversity. Students are encouraged to find and explore their personal qualities here. Each person’s unique qualities are valued and respected at Westtown School. The fact that the original painting of “The Giant” by N.C Wyeth hangs fully exposed on the wall in Westtown’s family style dining room demonstrates the school’s commitment to an environment of trust and respect.

The Westtown School boasts a beautiful 600 acre campus. It combines state of the art facilities with beautifully restored historic buildings. It’s outdoor facilities rival that of an adventure summer camp.

Westtown’s student body is just shy of 650 students and the average student to teacher ratio is 8:1. One hundred percent of Westtown Graduates are accepted into college. Visit our Facebook Page for a Walking Tour of Westtown School. Also, be sure to visit The Westtown School’s official website for a comprehensive overview of the many things the school has to offer and fabulous photos of the school.

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  1. Sarah Reese says:

    Sandy— This is great. Thank you. I will be sending you photos from the road. xoxox

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