Final Thoughts on MOOCs From IESolutions

moocThe development of MOOCs inaugurates an exciting and unprecedented moment in education. For the first time, we can really speak about global learning and global education in actual terms. The chance for leading scholars to reach and teach virtually anyone interested in a topic creates intellectual dialogue never before seen on earth. The promotion of ideas emanating from leading universities in the free world give hope to those less fortunate, and as the details of credentialing are ironed out, the chance for significant advancement for even the most physically isolated person who has access to a computer is tremendous.

IESolutions applauds the development of MOOCs, but continues to promote residential college and university learning for those fortunate enough to be able to access this total learning environment. The experience of living and studying in a community of ideas and with people who share a love of learning continues to be the greatest total educational delivery system ever developed. Those who are able to attend such a college or university lead lives enhanced forever by this experience.

Sarah C Reese, IESolutions


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