College Rankings: What We Learn From Bucknell

Bucknell sky

There is no need to rehash the latest SAT score report snafu by a well-respected university. Clearly college admission directors are responding to pressure to enhance their institutions’ statistics for the highest possible ranking in the annual US News & World Report, and other outlets.

Informed Educational Solutions congratulates Bucknell President John Bravman and Vice President for Enrollment Management Bill Conley for their full disclosure on the admission office’s previous seven-year pattern of omitting some students’ SAT scores in their annual reports, leading to higher reported average scores to the US News and others.

We continually remind our clients not to be concerned about minute differences among colleges in ranking or any other statistic. It is laughable to think that an institution ranked #23 is significantly “better” than one ranked #26. Students looking at colleges must rank institutions for themselves, relative to their own interests, priorities, and requirements.

It’s up to all of us not to let the tail wag the dog. Ratings cannot be used in place of campus visits, research about a college, and a serious assessment of a student’s interests, strengths, and wishes.

Sarah C. Reese, Informed Educational Solutions,

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