NACAC Statistics and the Role of the Educational Consultant

   The State of College Admission In an earlier IESolutions blog, we have reported on the findings of the most recent NACAC survey of college admissions offices. Essentially, survey results suggest that more than half of all applicants are admitted to more than half of American colleges and universities represented in the survey. While these numbers seem to suggest that the odds are running in favor of overall applicant success, is there another point of view that needs to be considered? Of course there is.
    The NACAC numbers provide raw data, but do not address several key issues that pertain to applicants to America’s more competitive colleges and universities.
         *   First, selectivity at the Ivies and other highly competitive institutions is much greater than at second, third, and fourth tier schools. Consequently, the pool of candidates for leading schools is still very crowded.
         *   Second, while the survey numbers measure volume, they do not attempt to quantify the quality of placement, or what we call optimized enrollment. That comes from the thoughtful process of matching dreams and expectations with the most appropriate programs available.
         *   Third, given that admissions officers are now required to read many more files than ever before – due, in part, to greater volume – applicants who truly want to stand out from the crowd will benefit more than ever from the guidance of a professional educational consultant.
    Greater applicant volume to the schools most students want to attend means that yield numbers – the percentage of accepted students who actually choose to enroll – are going down at these schools. To stand out in the face of higher volume, the successful application must be more highly polished to present the applicant in the best light – perhaps the best reason of all for securing the assistance of a professional consultant.
Carter P. Reese, Director, Informed Educational Solutions


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