surgeon     Life is long, but the time usually available to each of us to prepare for that long life is surprisingly short. Whether or not we choose to recognize this fact, time teaches us that we can either seize the opportunity to prepare for adulthood or allow our path forward to happen as it may. The truth is that most of what we become is the result of a process that begins in early childhood and ends in the years just after college.
     Thereafter, formal learning becomes harder to come by. We are left to navigate the vagaries of adulthood with the skills and notions we have assembled from accumulated schooling. One cruel aspect of becoming an adult is that no one ever tells us when the schooling part has ended or when the adult part has begun. College tends to delay the adult part for those who partake, but does not eliminate the traumatic adjustment that we all feel when we are finally thrown out of the nest.
     Perhaps the greatest service I perform for my student clients is reminding them that they have a very personal obligation to the person they will become – an obligation to begin building that person today and every day hereafter. That building process becomes more clear when we are able to articulate a desired adult profile – I want to be a surgeon; I want to be an electrical engineer – after which we back up from that goal to the present day. Step by step, we can define the building blocks, ending the process with one last block, which actually becomes the first step forward – the step to be taken today.
By guiding each student toward a plan for the future, it is possible for us to influence fate, to really manage construction of the person you will become.
     Carter P. Reese, Director
     Informed Educational Solutions
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