Torn between a rural, suburban or urban campus setting? Consider College of Charleston

College of CharlestonMany students from the suburbs and rural areas think they would like to go to a college in a city, but when they actually visit an urban university, cannot imagine themselves living amidst the noise, crowds, security issues, and overall intensity. If you are one of those students, take a look at College of Charleston, in the heart of the historic, seacoast city of Charleston, SC.

The area of Charleston surrounding the campus is what we would call antique urban residential: two to three-story frame, stucco over stone or brick homes frame the campus– each one unique. Many provide apartment living for Charleston students who have a short, safe stroll to campus. The campus itself is picturesque, with Spanish moss hanging from trees flanked by venerable collegiate buildings. The atmosphere is serene— even quiet, by urban standards. A few cars move slowly along the streets that cut through the campus; there is no honking of horns or screaming of brakes. The usual appealing retail options: frozen yogurt, CVS, Gap, etc fringe the campus.

The College of Charleston is a public liberal arts university, like The College of William and Mary, and draws its students from throughout the nation and world. There are approximately 10,500 undergraduates and under 2,000 graduate students.  For families seeking a less expensive education than in the northeast, tuition, room and board is under $40,000.  Travel to and from Charleston is an expense to be factored in.  That being said, a family can save $15,000-$20,000.  The William Aiken Fellows Society, the College of Charleston’s Honors College, boasts 90% of its students on merit scholarships.

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College of Charleston

Sarah C. Reese

Executive Director, Informed Educational Solutions

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