The College Essay: Every person does have a story to tell!

When most college applicants hear the words college essay, they are filled with angst and insecurity.  In the college essay, students are asked to take a good look at themselves and convey their true qualities, in 500 words or less, to the college admissions committee.  This is easier said than done.  Many high school students today find it difficult to engage in this writing task, as they often lack confidence in themselves or their experiences and therefore their essay.

High school students are constantly bombarded with the successes of their peers on a daily basis.  The typical student is left pondering what, if anything, makes them unique.  Parents nag and teachers prod, but many students feel completely unable to start writing.  The pressure these students feel often paralyzes the creative process that’s needed to write an effective essay.

One of the most rewarding parts of being an Educational Consultant is guiding students through the college essay process.  Many students just need prompting and guidance from a knowledgeable, independent person.  Educational Consultants listen to and discuss the applicant’s life and experiences, reaffirm the applicant’s uniqueness, brainstorm possible essay topics, outline key points, and get the writing started.

A solid college essay leaves the student feeling free, energized and confident with their application packet.  Even better, a solid college essay gives the student the huge boost in personal confidence that will serve them well in many aspects of life.  Over and over again, we see overwhelmed and insecure students with no idea where to begin in writing the college essay.  However, once they finally organize their thoughts and believe in their essay topic,  they discover their own uniqueness and end up writing extremely impressive essays.

The relief and new sense of confidence our clients gain with a completed essay, reassures us that, with a little support and guidance, every student can succeed in this task.

Sandy Aprahamian

Assistant Director

Informed Educational Solutions

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