On Top of Mont Fort

The gap year, long popular in England, has landed and grown roots on the shores of the US.  Many students at least consider a gap year while attacking the college admission process.

IESolutions promotes the gap year concept to students who have the maturity, self knowledge, and initiative to make it work.  The various Google-able gap year programs seem to us to just perpetuate the student’s reliance on others to provide an action plan and venue.  Those who still need that should stay in school and postpone a gap year for after college. We believe a serious gap year starts and ends with the student herself.

Regardless of gap year plans, application for admission to college must be made meeting all of the standard deadlines. Students must take seriously the fact that they will be in college, just one year later, and careful assessments of options must be made. Once acceptances are in, the student selects her favorite college and requests a deferral for one year.  Granting of this deferral is generally routine.

Sarah C. Reese
Executive Director, Informed Educational Solutions
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