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I observed something interesting at a recent high school graduation.

While the graduating class was in excess of 300 students,  I noticed that one graduate was repeatedly called up to the stage to be recognized for scholarships she had been awarded.

Later, when I asked a friend who this outstanding student was, she replied, “The guidance counselor’s daughter.”

This brought two facts to mind:

1.  You have to know what scholarships are available in order to apply for them.  Finding scholarships can be a time-consuming task.

2.  In order to apply for and earn many scholarships, the scholarship requirements need to be on your radar Freshman or Sophomore year of High School.  This way you can obtain the necessary credentials throughout High School.  Cramming the scholarship requirements in Junior year, when the workload is high and college application pressure is on, can be next to impossible.

The guidance counselor was not hoarding the awards for her daughter alone.  She just knew where to look.

There is a lot of scholarship money out there.  If you have the time, start your search early.  Some sites with scholarship information include:


College Scholarships

Searching for scholarships is a time-consuming task but well worth it in the end.  Assisting with scholarship matches and overseeing the application process are among the many things we do as Independent Educational Consultants at Informed Educational Solutions.

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