It’s All About Preparation

In today’s competitive adult world, the level and quality of an individual’s education will influence long term success more than any other factor.  Most families realize the importance of preparation to the process of achieving success, especially in areas like study skills development, a good reading program, proper curriculum, and even summer enrichment.  Yet surprisingly few follow a plan for success within their own families.
Consequently, students often find themselves in the later years of high school without the credentials to earn a first-rate university placement.  The problem may be grades, lower-than-expected test scores, a weak course of study, possibly immaturity.  Two courses of action are available: fix the problem or settle for less.  Those who choose to settle for less are allowing fate to dictate their aspiration levels to a substantial degree, a decision that may compromise future possibilities throughout adulthood.
It is the other group – those who truly want to achieve in a competitive world – who recognize that fixing the problem is likely to be the better path to a future filled with opportunity.  Objective testing deficits can be addressed by test prep courses.  Study skills can be developed in many different types of summer programs.  Grades and transcripts can be improved over time.  For some students, the recommended route may include taking an extra year at the secondary level, before going on to college.  Optimally, an extra year – which does not mean repeating material one has already mastered – can be managed through a change in schools.  For seniors, the option might be a postgraduate experience.
One thing is certain: Once you have reached the age of thirty, no one will ever ask you how old you were when you graduated from high school.  But they will be able to see very clearly how well educated and how accomplished you have become.  An overwhelming number of those who have elected to take an extra year in some form before college entrance have experienced great results and would recommend the decision to others.
So, the solution really depends upon the age of the student when he or she realizes the importance of writing a stronger record, however that needs to be accomplished.  A stronger record usually results in a stronger college choice, a greater likelihood of success in college, a better professional placement after college, and a statistically significant increase in earning potential throughout life.  It really is all about preparation.

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