When is it time to begin planning for your child’s educational path?

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Many people assume that a child’s educational direction is somehow managed within the system itself. In truth, as students pass from teacher to teacher, from school to school, there is often very little management involved, beyond the delivery of curriculum. There are just too many kids and too few guidance specialists.

To provide for the academic well-being of their children, increasing numbers of parents are relying upon education professionals to help assess strengths and interests, make strategic recommendations, and even supervise such decisions as summer camp selections, free reading programs, and community service. When to begin?

A child’s world begins to grow substantially more complex following the elementary years, so that is an important time to initiate conversation about the future and the limitless possibilities it will bring. The educational consultant can provide a valuable interface between parent and child in this conversation – breaking through the emotional baggage that often impedes true communication within the family unit.

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